Solving the
epidemic of plastic
pollution through
highly advanced

Origenne is solving one of the world’s greatest epidemics— plastic pollution. Plastic disposal is a major source of concern for the planet. Origenne has developed the most advanced carbon neutral technology to convert plastic waste into renewable Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel fuels, Gasolines and Jet Fuel, without polluting the environment. Origenne deploys its own proprietary technologies and expertise globally to eliminate polluting products with a win- win production of usable, consumable and renewable clean fuels. Origenne was formed to commercialize and scale these technologies to produce tremendous environmental and economic value. We intend to contribute to the displacement of fossil fuels in select markets, and in doing so, mitigate environmental pollution, significant amounts of CO2 emissions and other potentially hazardous chemical pollutants. We are going to market with a best-of-breed proprietary process that converts waste plastics into clean diesel fuels in a cost-effective, closed-loop manner without emitting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


Our clean fuel systems are designed to achieve effective conversion of plastic waste to high quality liquid fuels. We are commercializing a best-in-class technology which derives clean fuels from waste products using a perfected computer controlled pyrolytic thermal depolymerization process that reduces and converts complex organic materials such as plastics into light crude oil and then refines it into an ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. This process mimics the natural geological processes involved in the production of fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel. Depolymerization essentially cracks long hydrocarbon chain material into shorter hydrocarbon chains. These cracked chains are then condensed into a variety of liquid fuels and distillates. The conversion of plastics to fuel occurs in an oxygen free environment, creating an emission free production process. The entire pyrolytic process is a completely closed loop process; all by-products are either recycled back through the system or later sold.

Origenne launches new brand and website.

Origenne announces new brand reflecting its proprietary closed loop technology and launches new modern web presence.

Origenne assigns new board members.

Chairman of the board and CEO of Origenne officially assigns four new members of the board, initiating the companies global expansion plans.